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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pumping again.

Thanks to my friend who lent me her pump until I can buy a new one, I've been pumping again. I'd stopped pumping when Lola and I started using the SNS full time. I was content to feed her at the breast, and wasn't worried about "maximizing" my supply anymore. It was enough for me that we weren't using bottles, and I just didn't have the time to waste on a fruitless endeavor when I had 2 young children and an infant to care for.

Well, lately, the old feelings of inadequacy came creeping back. I think it came with my decision to seek out donor milk again. If these women could pump for my baby, then I should, too.  Lola's bigger now, and she's content to sit on the floor and play while I hook up and pump. I feel good about pumping now, even if I usually only get half an ounce every 2 hours.

I've started pumping *before* feedings, and then supplementing with my own milk in the SNS, followed by formula or donor milk in the SNS. I figured the pump can get out the milk that is easier to remove, and my baby can get out the fatty hindmilk, since she's more adept at removing milk than the pump. She's getting every last drop, while still being sated. And it's working for us, so far.
I'm feeling more comfortable about giving her solid foods now, and not limiting the amounts. I just sit at the table and pump while she feeds herself.

I'm also feeling a lot better about the next coming year. I can continue to pump every 2 hours, and just feed her whatever I pump in the SNS. I am feeling good about the future.

Of course, I also pumped nearly 2 ounces this morning, which has me feeling extremely optimistic.

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