"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." -Winston Churchill

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Since I don't have much to report these days (still nursing, though!), I thought I should let all my readers know that I won't be posting much for the time being. If you have any lactation/galactogogue questions for me, shoot me a line at my facebook page!

I will still be taking submissions for Faces of IGT and IGT Moms, so send your pictures and stories to nyssaretter@gmail.com! :)

Sweet Lola has been diagnosed with low muscle tone, and I will be chronicling her journey at my new blog: Rag Doll: A Journey to First Steps.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Guest Post!

Go check out my guest post over at ButterflyBirth.com! (It's in that link, just click it!)
Chantal was my Bradley/Brio Birth teacher when I was pregnant with Lola, and happened to arrive at the birth center to teach a class just after Lola was born! She has also experienced more than her fair share of nursing troubles, although her problems were on the opposite end of the milk supply spectrum. You can read her birth story here with her "Note on Breastfeeding" towards the bottom, where she talks about her difficulties, and overcoming those difficulties.

Still Going Strong!

Almost 13 months of breastfeeding, and we're doing great!

Funny thing, it seems I make the same amount of milk whether I pump every 2 hours, or don't pump at all.
I am supplementing a little bit, between 4 and 9 ounces a day of organic cow's milk. For a while there, while I was pumping and giving her my pumped milk in the SNS, her wet diapers were not very wet, and her weight gain slowed tremendously. I have only pumped a few times since her birthday, and her wet diapers are wet again, and her weight gain is back on track.
I was so obsessed with pumping, I was spending more time with my pump than with my children. Now, I am free to enjoy nursing without stressing over every ounce.
We nurse often.
Lola is thriving, and loves nursing. Nothing brings a smile to her face faster than an offer of boobah.
I am feeling more energetic, and I've lost 12 pounds and counting! Woohoo!