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Monday, March 5, 2012

Pumpin' Pal Super Shields Review and Giveaway!

I've been using Pumpin' Pal's Super Shields for a few weeks now, so it's time for a review! I was so excited to get them in the mail, and the mail came just as I was getting ready to pump. Perfect!

Medela Soft fit breast shield 
Pumpin' Pal Super Shield

Medela One Piece breast shield and valve with Pumpin' Pals Super Shield installed.

Side by side comparison of the angle of the flanges. Medela on left, Super Shield on Right.

This chart explains why having an angled flange makes all the difference.

I took the standard flange off of my pump and replace it with the Super Shield. I actually had to check the website to see if I was putting the shield on the right way. Nope! I had it backwards. Easily fixed. I put it on the right way and started pumping.

The angle of the flange made it possible for me to sit more comfortably. Normally, I'd have to hunch over or risk milk collecting on the underside of the breast and spilling when I finished pumping.
I really like the way the Super Shields don't have any sharp edges, even though, after 11 months of nursing, my nipples are pretty toughened up, so I didn't really notice a significant difference in comfort in that respect BUT I did have an experience in the early days of breastfeeding, when the sharp edges of the pump actually rubbed the spot between where my nipple ends and areola begins RAW. It was awful! I wish I'd had Super Shields back then, for sure!
With my standard pump flanges, when I finished pumping, I would have to tilt the whole bottle back and try to get the drops of milk that had collected under my breast (within the shield) to go down into the bottle. With the Super Shields, the milk doesn't collect under my breast anymore, and the drops of milk slide easily down into the bottle. No more crying over missed drops of milk.
I also love how you get three different sizes when you order. Having the correct sized shield makes all the difference when it comes to pumping and maximizing your pumping output! How many women are pumping with the wrong sized flange? Well, 80 - 90% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra...
 Kudos to you, Pumpin' Pals!
I recommend that anyone who is planning to pump at all after having a baby order Super Shields BEFORE the baby comes! You don't want to wait until you standard breast shield has rubbed a raw spot on your already sore nipples, or you're so engorged you get mastitis or clogged ducts!
And, as someone with small breasts and IGT and who hasn't dealt with clogged ducts or mastitis, I recommend my IGT mamas get themselves a set, too, because it's so much more comfortable to pump a million times a day if you can sit back and relax!

Enter to win a set! (Part of the Big One! Birthday Giveaway!)

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!
    I hope your having a wonderful day :)

  2. "How many women are pumping with the wrong sized flange? Well, 80 - 90% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra..."

    So when I got my medela pump the first thing the rep told me was to get the larger flanges. Why? Because MOST women need them. So I asked why those weren't the standard flange for their pump sets......no answer :/