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Monday, March 5, 2012

Motherlove More Milk Special Blend Giveaway! (Take Three)

We're in the homestretch of 1 whole year of nursing, and Motherlove wants to help us celebrate! They're giving away 12 bottles of More Milk Special Blend to commemorate 12 months of nursing!

I'll be holding one last (Motherlove) giveaway March 12th, so if you don't win this time, try next week!
This contest ends Thursday the 8th of March.

And don't forget to check out and  enter my BIG birthday giveaway (which started March 1st) for a chance to win a copy of Mother Food, a hands-free pumping bra, a set of Pumpin' Pals Super Shields flanges, a $30 coupon for Bamboobies, and maybe some surprises!

An alcohol free liquid concentrate in vegetarian capsules. This formula blends the herbs in the more milk plus with goat's rue. Specially formulated at the request of lactation consultants, this product can stimulate mammary tissue and increase breast milk for women who did not increase in breast size during pregnancy, have had previous breast surgeries and adoptive mothers.

Not for use during pregnancy. 

Ingredients: goat’s rue herbfenugreek seedblessed thistle herbnettle herbfennel seed, non-GMO soy lecithin, vegetable cellulose, coconut oil
All herbs are certified organic

Does not contain any milk, dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, or gluten.

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  1. So excited for your one year of breastfeeding:)

  2. I learned about IGT through Emma Kwasnica, and doing more research online about it.

    I felt like a huge failure when I was unable to provide enough milk for my son, but donor milk helped heal that hurt and we have been so blessed by donors!

    If I win, I will use this for my next pregnancy :)


  3. I learned about IGT from my lactation councilor and OB/GYN. Right now I'm taking donperidone, More milk plus and goats rue (separately). I really wish La Leche League (at least in my area) was more informed about IGT. When I went to one of their meetings looking for help I was treated like a fool who didn't know what she was doing. It devastated me and I ended up giving up on breastfeeding with my first born at 3 months. Now that I've taken more time and researched my condition more I feel that I have a better grasp on what I'm dealing with and consider myself very successful for still breastfeeding (as much as possible) my daughter who is now 3 months old! (And I don't plan on stopping any time soon :)
    Now, my definition of success is not how much I make, but how much quality bonding time I have with my daughter (either with a bottle or my Lact-aid which were working on her not rejecting).

  4. I learned about IGT from my midwife at the hospital though she didn't call it that, but instead said I lacked breast tissue. I then learned what it was called from the book making more milk.

    I was so blessed to learn about my condition at the hospital when I gave birth to my first son (2 months ago). I know that there was nothing I was doing wrong, in fact I was doing great. I only wish I had learned about it before, knowing that not making enough milk was a possibility, instead I thought that everyone can nurse, it was hard but everyone could do it. In fact, in general I wish there was more information, more research.

  5. I learned about IGT first hand after having my daughter. I wish I had know about the possibility of it and not had so many expectations about bf. I define my success by knowing I continue to work to provide her with as much bm as possible while maintaining our bf bond. Also not allowing it to overtake our lives as it so easily does. I would like to see more ob professionals learning about bf so those with IGT don't feel like freaks when they think its a made up condition. Anyway, thanks for sharing your story and for this giveaway :)

  6. I first learned about IGT from here!! I struggled to breastfeed my first child and even with pumping and LC support I gave up after a month, never knowing why I could not produce anything.
    With my second child, the LC told me she thought I might have insufficient tissue but she never explained to me what that meant or the formal term. She basically said I just needed to give up. So I did, sadly. Now pregnant with my third and due in 6 weeks I am determined to give breastfeeding another try. I only wish I had known about IGT sooner since I feel like I failed my other two children.
    With this baby and armed with the info I have learned, I will define success as trying everything I can to successfully breastfeed, even if that means supplementing.