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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cross-nursing, again!

At my daughter Lulu's birthday party last week, I got to experience something really cool; cross-nursing from the other side. We had a couple of babies over for the party, and the moms and babies were all sitting on the floor. Well, one little guy crawled up to me and started rooting around. After I got the "okay" from mom, he latched right on! It was awesome! I thought I'd never get to experience that in my life. He stared at me and smiled! It was incredible. Later, his mama topped off Lola, and I kept him "occupied." It was extra-special, because Lola hasn't cross-nursed in months. I thought she never would again, because last time we tried, she refused.

Excuse me, I think you have the wrong baby... :)

I love this one! Co-tandem-nursing!

A few days later, on Rio's birthday (and the milky mama's birthday!):

Lola kept kicking her feet excitedly and stopping to smile!

Another of Lola's milky mamas! 

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