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Saturday, December 3, 2011


For my birthday last year, I bought this stunning necklace from mother/artist/doula, Juliea at http://www.crowninglotus.typepad.com/. (She also makes all kinds of neat stuff for pregnant or nursing moms, including AMAZING and ADDICTIVE lactation cookies.)

As soon as I went into labor, I put it on.

And that's pretty much the last time I've gotten to wear it.
It's just too much to juggle an SNS and have the strands get tangled in the beads of a necklace.
I've been using the SNS without the (awful, hard to adjust) neck strap for... pretty much always. At home, it isn't a problem, because I usually nurse in bed. But when I'm out in public and sitting up to nurse, it can be a challenge.
I'd been toying with the idea of making a nursing necklace/SNS holder for a few weeks, but never have the time or money to get the supplies I would need. And then last night, it came to me:

I simply removed the pendant, and put it away with the other jewelry that's waiting for my baby to get a little bigger (and less grabby.) I took a small key ring, and a large key ring off of my set of keys, and voilà!
A pretty AND functional SNS holder, exactly the right length! Perfect!

Ain't it perdy? I can't wait to try it out in public!

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