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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This may just be frustration due to my husband's insane work schedule and the fact that I feel completely smothered and bored out of my mind with a toddler and an infant and no money and nowhere to go to escape the monotony, but...
I am crazy bored. I am tired of trying to figure out what the heck my baby wants. Do you want to sleep? Do you want to nurse? Do you want a bottle? Do you need to poop?
The feeding part makes me especially crazy. It's rarely clear what she wants. She'll nurse a little, wait, and then usually have a bottle about half an hour later. Sometimes 2 ounces, sometimes 1 ounce. Sometimes, I'll make the bottle, but she won't take it until she's nursed again, briefly, I guess to re-whet her appetite?
Yesterday, she wanted very little to do with the bottle, at least for the most part. She took a really long nap, which was great because it meant I got a nap, and then, I even got to shower and put away some laundry. She'd only had 2 ounces all morning, and slept from 11 to 2. But then she woke up with a dry diaper.  I know she wants to nurse, and I just can't make enough for her to be satisfied and hydrated. But it's frustrating as hell trying to get her to take the supplements, sometimes.


  1. we had to switch formula because our little one was refusing supplements too. Now mind you, hers isn't due to making sure she is getting enough to eat as much as getting enough calories. I am hoping that she will eventually not need that supplement, but for now, she likes Enfamil. Not sure how long that will last though. :/

  2. It will pass! :o) I get frustrated for all the same reasons minus the combo feeding. However we feed baby food & table food now- so I am always freaked that she is going to refuse ME.

    WIC said she is a lb or 2 under weight! And although I think they are wrong sometimes, I think they were right. So, now I HAVE to force baby food down Tessa's gullet (okay- not literally, but I have to actually try to get her to eat it) instead of feeding solely boobies...

    I don't think any mom has it "frustration free" and the ones who pretend like they don't I bet have it the WORST. :-D *HUGS BACK TO YOU TODAY*