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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh noes!

I'm about to run out of my More Milk Special Blend, and I won't have more for a few days. I wonder it my supply is going to take a big hit or not.
The waiting game begins.


  1. Hi, I'm new to following your blog but also have IGT. Our newest little one is coming in early july and I was wondering whether you have tried Earth Mama Angel Baby's Milkmaid tea? If so did it work well for you? Thanks so much! I've got my finger's crossed your supply stays up.

  2. I have not tried that particular tea, but I have tried Mother's Milk Tea. I'm sure it helps a little, but it hasn't done wonders for me. Have you heard of Motherlove Herbs? Some moms have more success with tinctures because they are very concentrated. More Milk Special Blend has goat's rue, which is said to increase breast tissue. You can also try taking goat's rue NOW, while pregnant. I didn't do it, but other IGT moms have.