"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." -Winston Churchill

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time to come clean.

I've been struggling lately with something...
Smoking. I was a smoker before I got pregnant, and I really didn't want to start again. But lately, I've been struggling. I feel terribly guilty. I've been so tired, and I bummed a cigarette from someone the other day, and I felt a surge of energy. I've been smoking a few cigarettes every day.
I know this is not helpful to my endeavors, at all. I know it's terrible for me, and my baby. I need to stop.
But, I'm trying to write an honest blog, so I had to put it out there and hold myself accountable.

Here's all the reasons I need to STOP smoking:
  • It's EXPENSIVE! 
  • It's a WASTE OF TIME!
So, there it is. I need to stop. I feel better putting that out there, but still feel terrible about it.


  1. It's disgusting. I smoked for 11 years and quit 5 years ago when we were trying to get pregnant. Best thing I ever did, also the hardest. It was excruciating at some points. It's like being an alcoholic, you can't just have one or two and be ok.

    Don't be that parent. Seriously, I look at it this way, I don't want Finn (or the baby girl on the way) to EVER think smoking is ok. Not even a little bit.

  2. The day you were birthing Lola, I was up in Tennessee experiencing the correcting hand of God (He caused me to come down with a mysterious illness & I puked all day- mind you the kids, AJ and I all had the SAME food...no one else got sick or had been sick.) for smoking. It was His way to get me to quit.

    He had been leading me in scripture on how because His Holy Spirit was within me I am now a temple and I should treat myself accordingly. Well, I knew he was telling me- "cut the smoking" and He laid it on my heart heavily. I just WOULDN'T listen. I didn't want to let it go. Let me tell you- since He decided to take strong action that day- I have not smoked more than one cigarette! I tried and it was AWFUL. Never in my life have I accomplished quitting smoking like this. The Grace God provides is really awesome.

    Man- I am just dumbfounded when I look at what God did for me in this situation. Anthony was even dumbfounded! :)

    YOU CAN DO IT. YOU CAN DO IT. YOU CAN DO IT. Just imagine your boobs drying up if you smoke.