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Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Nursing" a toddler...

I have never nursed a toddler, although that is my ultimate goal.
I never expected my daughter, Lulu, to hold her bottle. I always held it for her, because feeding time was bonding time. She weaned from the breast at 10 months, but she continued to take a sippy cup with milk on my lap twice a day until she was 2, and she gradually asked less and less.
Today, she asked, and I was able to oblige, since Lola was asleep. It was nice to have a little cuddle on the couch like old times. I've offered her "booby milk" but she tells me, "That's Lola's baby milk."

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  1. <3 Athena wants to nurse on me... but I am too scared! She has way too many teeth! But I DID pump milk for her when she was really sick and she said it tasted like CAKE. :-D