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Friday, June 17, 2011

Growth Spurt

Nursing with the SNS during a growth spurt is CUH-RAZY. Prepare bottle, tape myself up, nurse, dump bottle, rinse bottle, wash bottle, clean tubing, flush tubing, take a part, dry, slowly remove tape from myself, wait 40 minutes, begin again.
I've found I HAVE to put the tape on my areola if I want her to latch with the tube in her mouth. Using virgin coconut oil, left to sit a few minutes on the tape makes it easier to remove, but it's still a little painful.
Also, I'd been using the SNS tubing in the corner of her mouth, which I'm actually not supposed to do, according to the instruction manual. Whoops. It's suppose to go on the top of the nipple so it's right in the roof of her mouth, the instructions specifically say not to have the tubing going in the side of the mouth. Silly me.
I'm really very happy that she's only using the SNS now to supplement. I feel more like an actual breastfeeder this way. :)

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