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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Using the SNS has become a bit tiresome. She only takes about an 1 oz. and a half at a time, and then I have to clean it thoroughly, hang it to dry, and 45 minutes later, she wants more. Fill it again, tape it up, repeat, repeat, repeat. Ex-haus-ting.
On top of that, I had a relative in town to visit, and she doesn't understand at all the struggles I've gone through the last 3 months and was hurt that I didn't let her bottle-feed Lola, when Lola's been rejecting the bottle. Also, I should "just pump my milk and just give her a bottle." And I "should make her take a pacifier because then she'll be used to taking an artificial nipple." Or something like that.
Um, no. That isn't good advice for a mom with a good milk supply, but it's CATASTROPHICALLY bad advice for someone like me to take.

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  1. LF,
    ALWAYS take advice with the following edict; take what you can use and leave the rest behind. NEVER let it overwhelm your sense of what is right for you (and your baby.) People mean well but are mostly ignorant: DO remember that.