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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to order an SNS without breaking the bank

First, try your local WIC office, call your La Leche League leader or lactation consultant, or inquire at your local hospital with a labor and delivery unit or NICU, or, if you know you've had supply issues in the past, ask for one before you leave the hospital (if you choose to birth in one.)
If you can't get one for free that way, try this:

Start here. Select "SNS Bottle with Lid," "SNS Valve Cover," "SNS Attachment Ring," and whatever tubing size you desire (here I selected "medium.")
Subtotal: $26.79  (With shipping: $37.79)
You can add another set of tubing (it's always good to have a back up, since the tubes can break).*
Subtotal: $34.99 (With shipping: $46.79)
Even if you add a THIRD set of tubing (which is what the standard SNS kit comes with), your subtotal still only comes to $42.79.  (With shipping: $54.79)

Compare to the complete SNS kit which comes to $58.99 (With shipping: $73.99)

The complete SNS kit comes sterilized, with a lanyard (that SUCKS! You can make a better one yourself with a piece of string), and with an instruction booklet. But you can sterilize it yourself, and find instructions on how to use an SNS online. I like these instructions.

Cheapest price on SNS I've found:
http://www.mybreastpump.com/medelasnsproducts.html $49.95 (plus shipping)

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