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Friday, November 25, 2011


Times like this, it really hurts to have low milk supply.
My kids are s i c k. My baby can't breathe out of her nose. My girls seem to be really sensitive to dairy when they are sick (in a mucus-producing way. My almost 3 year old will cough until she vomits if she has the teeniest amount of dairy while she has a cold.) I wonder if the milk in our formula is causing my baby to over-produce mucus, too.
I have some "old" frozen milk I've kept buried in the freezer, and I've been using that, but it's almost gone. Normally, Lola won't take donor milk if there's the slightest hint of lipase, but she's so stuffed up, she can't taste it. Poor baby. I wish I could just take it away.

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