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Monday, November 14, 2011

Lactogenic Diet

Wow, I learned SO much from Mother Food by Hilary Jacobson! I highly recommend the book for every nursing mom, expecting mother, or anyone who helps care for women and babies.
I've been applying some of what I've learned wherever I could for the last week, soaking my oatmeal or quinoa overnight for breakfast the next morning, eating curried chickpeas (yummy AND lactogenic!), taking my spirulina before meals, taking my calcium supplements before bed.
Yesterday, we went grocery shopping and I stocked up on lactogenic foods, drinks, and spices.

Not to be pessimistic about it (because I'm not), but I've given up the search for the magic bullet that will "cure" my low milk supply.* I am very happy and comfortable with the amount of milk I am making. My baby is thriving, she is happy, she is healthy. I am happy with the way our nursing relationship is going. I am not expecting a miracle here, but I needed to overhaul my diet anyway, so I might as well focus healthy foods that support lactation! And when I wean from the SNS, eventually (sometime after a year, when she's eating enough solid foods to replace what used to be formula), I hope that following a lactogenic diet will help keep our nursing relationship strong by keeping me, well, lactating.
And if the lactogenic diet IS the magic bullet and cures my low milk supply... I'm very okay with that, too.

I also started taking Metformin again, a few days ago. With my new-found knowledge of how to stabilize my milk supply should my period return, I have confidence that I didn't have before.

*Mrs. Jacobson herself has overcome low milk supply with IGT by following a lactogenic diet, as have other mothers, so it IS possible. 

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