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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just came across this breastfeeding assessment tool  and wanted to cry. Wow. Wish I'd had this a long time ago. We could have avoided a lot of heart ache AND the hospital visit if I'd known about this. ;(
Especially the "answer key."


  1. I had to write down every wet diaper, poop diaper, respiration, each time the girls nursed and their temperatures. Then I had to write down the Mommy check...pulse, temperature and something else.... THEN I had to turn it in to the BH. Rosemary BH also gave me a booklet on normal/not normal stuff for PP Mommy & the baby.

    Did your midwife give you stuff like that, too? And did they do a home visit and observe? I just feel like other people should have been watching out for you more especially with the history you had when you tried before :( Its no one's fault but I just feel so bad you have to go through all of this. *Hugs*

  2. I had a home visit, but she wouldn't nurse while they were here. I did the temperature and pulse thing, but I wasn't writing down the nursing or pees or poops because I did that with Eliza and it just stressed me out so much, I didn't do it this time. I was trying to believe my body would just WORK and I didn't think the extra stress would do anything good for my supply. I feel like an idiot, though. I should have been doing it, anyway. And I should have been listening to my baby, who was telling me she was hungry with all her crying. I just thought I had a "difficult" baby, but that was twisted wishful thinking.

  3. I just wanted to say I understand your frustrations. Low supply is very real. You're a wonderful mom for putting your baby on donated milk. Have you seen human milk for human babies on facebook? My baby girl has not needed formula I have her on donated milk!